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Audio Mullet

Audio Mullet is a podcast about things that may have gone out of fashion but are eternally cool.  Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim / Catscratch) and Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop/Bearmageddon) get together every week to have a conversation about something out of style. They also talk about other things like their dads. old jobs, and occasionally a fart story. Find more about audiomullet and listen to bonus content at

Aug 11, 2019

Mike is on hiatus, but we press forth! 

Imagine you share a cool piece of Earthworm Jim art and suddenly there on your feed pop up a few comments from gamers telling you that you just supported a homophobe. Is it true? Instead of listening to random people on the internet, let's hear it straight from Doug's mouth.

Ethan and Doug discuss the common charge against Christians and especially against Doug TenNapel that they are all homophobes who hate gay people. It's a sticky, tricky topic and we were brave to get into it without calm, mild-mannered Mike to keep us in order. We miss you, Mike.

Later we talk about Doug's pet peeve that people demand ideological purity from stupid things like movies and TV shows.