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Audio Mullet

Audio Mullet is a podcast about things that may have gone out of fashion but are eternally cool.  Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim / Catscratch) and Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop/Bearmageddon) get together every week to have a conversation about something out of style. They also talk about other things like their dads. old jobs, and occasionally a fart story. Find more about audiomullet and listen to bonus content at

Sep 22, 2019

Doug and Ethan don't even acknowledge the absence of Mike. Instead, they answer three topic requests from Twitter. We talk about going to church and how it's hard to find good teaching. We also talk about cynicism and sarcasm and when does it go too far? Lastly, we talk about writing characters. All answers are answered in a scattered and non-concise manner. Also, there is no Taylor Swift or Area 51 in this episode. We just added that to get clicks!