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Audio Mullet

Audio Mullet is a podcast about things that may have gone out of fashion but are eternally cool.  Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim / Catscratch) and Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop/Bearmageddon) get together every week to have a conversation about something out of style. They also talk about other things like their dads. old jobs, and occasionally a fart story. Find more about audiomullet and listen to bonus content at

Jul 21, 2019

In this special episode of Audio Mullet, Mike Nelson (Rifftrax), Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim) and Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop) are joined by one of their personal heroes, the president and founder of the American Chesterton Society, Mr. Dale Ahlquist. 

Ever wondered what is up with the Chesterton obsession? This episode is all about GK and why his writing remains so important to so many people. 

Relevant links:

The Chesterton Society

Ahlquist's essay "Who Is This Guy And Why Haven't I Heard Of Him?":

Introductory Books

The Apostle of Common Sense:

Common Sense 101 - Lessons From GK Chesterton

Where to start reading Chesterton? Chesterton was an essayist, so it is smart to start out reading some of his most popular essays. There is an excellent collection of Chesterton essays called In Defense of Sanity which was a favorite in our Chesterton reading group:

Chesterton's most popular faith-based work is Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy is a follow up to a book criticizing the contemporary thinkers of his time, titled Heretics

Other books mentioned...

What's Wrong With The World:

Tremendous Trifles


Recommended Chesterton social media...

The Chesterton Society on Twitter:

GKCdaily on Twitter:

GKCdaily on Instagram: